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Individual Counseling


Individual counseling includes but is not limited to depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, sexuality, communication, spiritual growth, grief, breakups, vocation and purpose, shame resiliency, self-esteem, anger, and codependency. 

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Family Counseling
Families are like ships at sea. Each person plays an important role in the family in order for that ship to sail.  Sometimes roles change or the family environment shifts. Change is natural.  Counseling can help streamline communication so that the whole family system is open, stable, and flexible. I have seen real miracles when family members break open and begin to connect in deeper ways. 
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Couples Counseling


I treat the relationship that binds the two people.  For me, the relationship is a real presence that was co-created by the two who bonded together.  Relationships can become unhealthy and my job is to help each person play their part in making the relationship whole and well. 



I conduct engaging presentations for places of business or worship that help people learn about themselves, find meaning and purpose, and streamline communication.  These workshops include:

  • Using the Enneagram to Uncover our True Selves

  • Effective Communication In the Work Place

  • Living Trinitarian Lives: Participation In the Divine Flow

  • Parenting In Love: Connection, Communication, and Consistency

  • Contemplative Living: Becoming Instruments of Peace

  • Finding Joy Even In Times of Sorrow

  • Towards Shame Resiliency: Understanding Shame and Vulnerability In Our Lives (based on the work of Brene Brown)



My fees average $125 per 50-minute session for ongoing therapy, with variations for groups, couples therapy, and assessments. Please contact me to get specific quotes as it may differ based on your needs.


If you cannot afford my full fee, I do reserve a few spots for clients that require a reduced rate. Please feel free to ask me about this during our free phone consultation. As always, I will do my best to provide appropriate referrals when I am not able to see you myself.

I accept credit cards and cash for payment of services.  




I do not work directly with insurance, and am considered an out-of-network provider. Therefore, payment in full of our agreed-upon fee is expected at time of service. Many insurances reimburse for a portion of the out-of-network therapy costs, though the percentage varies and you may need to meet your deductible first.


If you have out-of-network benefits and would like to use them, I'm happy to help you do so.


I can print out a detailed bill for you at the end of each month, and you can submit them to your insurance company yourself. Again, you are responsible for communicating directly with them should any issue arise.


Please be aware that utilizing health insurance requires I give a psychiatric diagnosis, which becomes permanent on your medical record. This may or may not affect your future eligibility and cost if you wish to make changes to your insurance plans. It is also possible that your insurance company may only allow reimbursements on a limited number of sessions, which may or may not meet your personal goals or needs.

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